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Loving and mystical portrait of a Mexican family celebrating life during a bittersweet birthday party


Mexico, Denmark, France – 95′ – Drama 

Director: Lila Avilés
Production: Limerencia Films, Laterna Film, Paloma Productions

A loving Mexican family is bustling with preparations for a grand surprise party for Tona, the 27-year-old brother, son, and father. On this sultry day, his spirited sisters are busy getting everything ready to give him an unforgettable birthday, while his daughter Sol tries to entertain herself in the shelter of the mystical house. As the sun sets and guests trickle in, the joyful hustle and bustle in the house give way to an elusive melancholy. The party is brimming with love but also carries a bittersweet undertone. Totém celebrates life in an intimate manner, showcasing how each individual copes differently with letting go, while they try to savor every second that life offers.

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